Task Groups
cover a broad spectrum of activities. Their activities are outlined below.

The Christian Aid Group organises the town-wide house-to-house collection during Christian Aid Week, as well as a marketplace sale and an annual Christian Aid Service. This group generally works to promote awareness of the activities and needs of Christian Aid.
Contact: Cliff Marshall at candpmarshall@btinternet.com

Christian Listeners is a project of the Acorn Christian Healing Trust, and aims to develop the church's ministry of pastoral care and healing by training local groups of Christian Listeners.
Contact: Jane Lane at janelane@ntlworld.com

The Church Twinning Group aims to make close ecumenical church links with churches in the Twin Towns of Abingdon and the Vale of the White Horse: Argentan, Schongau, St Niklaas, Lucca and Colmar. In general, the group plans one visit from a twinned town and one visit to a different twin town each year.
Contact: Eileen Bontempelli at epkbontempelli@gmail.com

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement that comes together each year to observe a common day of prayer. Each year people from a different country are chosen to write the service.
Contact: Hilary Beale at habeale@btinternet.com

Archway's mission is to try to relieve the distress caused by loneliness. A local group meets at Abingdon Baptist Church twice a month on alternate Fridays.
Contact: Joy Dadswell at joy@archwayfoundation.org.uk

Back to 35 Group is a joint venture between Age UK and 35 Ock street which provides an opportunity for conversation, activities, support and fellowship for the over-50s with tea and cake as well.
Contact: David Lovegrove at dandmlovegrove@btinternet.com

Christian Forum A monthly column in the Abingdon Round & About magazine delivering a Christian message.
Contact: Debra Mcknight, the CiA Administrator

Christian Focus A quarterly magazine which is published by the CiA and is available from all the member churches.
Contact: Ben Jeapes or Margaret Langsford

CiA News is circulated to the editors of all the individual church publications each month, containing information about forthcoming CiA events and other news, for incorporation into the individual publications.
Contact: Debra Mcknight, the CiA Administrator

CiA Website is administered by Debra Mcknight, the CiA Administrator

35 Ock Street is a house built over 300 years ago, which for many years has been home to the ministers of Abingdon Baptist Church. In the mid-1990s it underwent a major programme of restoration and is now a Hospitality Centre for all the people of the town and visitors to the town.
35 Ock Street aims to provide a place where the whole community can find a warm welcome and friendly service, where those with problems can find people willing to listen and where there is support for families in difficulties. It also offers pleasant, homely rooms to any organisation or group whose work helps to build up the community life of the town. Already many of the groups and societies in the town meet on the premises and it is hoped that the work and use of the centre will continue to grow.
Although 35 Ock Street is part of the premises of Abingdon Baptist Church, the hospitality area is staffed by people drawn from nearly all the Abingdon Churches. 
Contact: 01235 530080 or 35osadmin@btconnect.com

The Abingdon Bridge (TAB) works with young people aged 13 -25 offering accurate, unbiased, relevant information and support on a whole range of issues. All services are free and confidential. TAB are also involved in outreach work in the Abingdon area, supporting other agencies and meeting young people where they are.
Contact: 01235 522375

Desire work with young people, both Christian and non-Christian, within youth groups and schools across Abingdon, and encourage cross-town events and youth work projects. Desire also brings together youth leaders, meeting regularly to pray, encourage and help one another, and to organise joint worship and evangelistic events.
Contact: Matt Luscombe at matt@cca.uk.net

Prayer Spaces in Schools enables children and young people to explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way.
Contact: Sarah Fry at sarahfry99@hotmail.com

The Street Pastors scheme in Abingdon, set up at the request of the Police, is supported by the CiA. The Pastors are drawn from several Abingdon churches and are out on the streets regularly at weekends from 10 pm to 3:30 am. They have been well received by all sections of Abingdon's 'late-night community'. A group of Prayer Pastors at the base in Abingdon Baptist Church prays while the Street Pastors are out and helps in practical ways.
Contact: abingdon@streetpastors.org.uk

Communication This website aims to promote awareness of the CiA to other Christians, in Abingdon, and wordwide, and to act as a central point from which information about the individual churches, their ministries and services, activities and histories, may be located.